About Us

Massive Act connects festivals and venues with artists, in an easy-to-use platform, helping emerging artists perform for bigger crowds, get big, and have fun doing it.

Our Values


There's isn't a better senation than being onstage. Touring should be attainable for every artist. We are changing the dynamic and making it easier. we want them to succeed.

Living The Dream

We dream of connecting the industry with our software so more musicians are able to tour bette, perform often and live the life they dream.

Self Improvement

Taking steps to be better by learning new ways to overcome the bad habits of the music industry.


We support people who are making changes in the music industry.


We are proactive, willing to compromise, work together and get things done.

Sillicon Valley HQ

2 North 1st St. 5th floor, San Jose, CA 95113, Sillicon Valley, USA Planet Earth, Milky Way Galaxy
+1(408) 600 5437

Los Angeles

333 S Grand Ave #3310, Los Angeles, CA 90071 USA, USA Planet Earth, Milky Way Galaxy