Another successful San Francisco Music Tech Summit has come and gone, and we were lucky enough to have a few of our team members attend. After sitting through a few panels and pitch sessions, we were inspired to share some of the apps we learned about with you.

Musicians are constantly seeking ways to improve their skill, build their fanbase and expand their industry traction and here are the top 4 tools we think musicians should check out:

1.  inMusic
This interactive music app is sure to capture the attention of musician. Not only can you play around with audio effects, but you can test out what a live set will sound like depending on the space. For more information, click here.

2. Sesh
Think about this app as the AirBnB for studio spaces. Sesh enables musicians to book rehearsal spaces and allows users to use price, features and amenities filters to choose the right space in their area. Check out their website here.

3. Sunhouse
If you’re a drummer, you’ll love this app because brings a new library of sounds to your fingertips. This tool allows you to turn your drum set into a digital sampler, enabling you to produce full songs with just a sensor.  Check out their introductory video here.

4. Melodics
Who knew finger drumming, as trivial as it may seem, could make you a better musician? According to Melodics, it can, and their app can help you improve timing, rhythm and song structure. “Write better tracks, play better sets, perform better live,” their website reads. Click here for more information.

If you were also at the San Francisco Music Tech Summit, please feel free to share your favorites with us! There were hundreds of companies out there last week to choose from.