For an artist or a musician, not a minute goes by without thinking about the ‘big break’. With millions of musicians around, where you do even get started to draw attention from agents to score gigs? Looking at the fierce competition the struggle is real to stand out of the crowd. For starters, an electronic press kit (EPK) will help you draw attention from industry professionals, promoters, etc. EPKs are sent to promoters, industry professionals, labels and anyone who can potentially boost your music career.

What exactly is an EPK?

In the days before the internet, a “press kit” containing all the relevant documents about artists/bands were sent to publishing houses, labels, media outlets, talent buyers and to simply get the word out. With the advent of technology, this media kit tool evolved into an electronic form known as “the electronic press kit” or EPK.

An EPK is an electronic press kit. As the name suggests, it is an online kit that contains all the information needed to understand what an artist/band is about. This includes all the necessary elements for the viewer to gain a well-rounded understanding of who the artist/band is, what they do, what they have to offer and the best way to contact the artist/band.

One great advantage of having an EPK is that talent buyers still get tons of physical press kits and CD demos that end up in a pile along with many others. Having a digital copy will make it easier to look into your artist profiles and music.

A EPK typically constitutes of personal data about the artist and band mates if any. It also includes a couple of music previews to understand the artists/bands’ musical style, a glimpse of past performances, fans, etc. All the important aspects of an an EPK are discussed in detail below.

What goes in an EPK?

Look at your EPK as your online music resume that will establish your online presence and help you grow as an artist or a band. It is a simple way for people to know you, understand you and connect with you.


Music is the first thing any promoter or manager will check out on your press kit. Make sure to link your Spotify, SoundCloud and other platforms where your music is published. Having downloadable content is a big plus! Spotify also shows ranking, top charts which will help agents decide if you are looking to perform in festivals. Your online fan base – followers on YouTube, SoundCloud, etc… will project how big of a deal you are and have a positive impact on promoters.


Photos are going to be the face of your EPK. Let the world know who you are ! Include professional clicks, headshots and any original art that reflects your music. Too many photos photos are needless so be sure to pick only a few that compliment your music.


Unlike a typical information thread, narrate your story by talking about how you got started.Throw in some facts and a few interesting things to get readers intrigued about your journey.


Include email address, office address and social media handles for bookings and inquiries. The more channels, the easier it is for an agent to contact you. Remember, opportunity doesn’t knock twice.
Here’s the thing — there’s no rule of thumb as to what goes in an EPK and what doesn’t. Depending on the context, any relevant info added and futile info can be omitted.

Having an EPK is important because it reflects you as an artist/band, helps you network in the music space and most importantly helps you score gigs. If you are an artist or a band — get started now!